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Welcome to our web site Beloved!
We are excited that you are joining us today!  It is with the highest honor that we offer this opportunity to you, your friends and family to join us each week to grow through the Word of God.  God still calls the lost, heals the sick and provides love for the hurting.  So come see and hear what God is doing at JUBILEE.  Welcome to the Nation! 

John 10:27

My sheep hear my voice...

When an instrument is tuned, it goes through the process of having the pitch of a tone from the musical instrument adjusted to a fixed reference. When it is out of tune, it is either too high (sharp) or too low (flat) in relation to a given reference pitch. Some instruments become out of tune with damage or time and have to be readjusted or repaired. It is also interesting to know that although it may be in tune relative to its own range of notes, it may not be considered in tune if it does not match the reference pitch one might be using.

Many people desire to know the direction, instruction, and purpose for their life. There is no better source to inform us of these things than the one who created us. Often because of the many sounds of the world, lack of prayer life, and lack of reading the word it becomes easy for a person to get out of tune with God, resulting in not hearing or following those directions. During this time of fasting we will focus on getting in tune with the Lord (our reference pitch). This begins to happen as we set aside time daily to pray, read, study, and meditate on His word. Be sure to write down in a journal your reflections from this personal time. Remember, we are the instruments and He is the reference pitch. His sheep hear his voice..

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